Yearbooks were not published until 1920, there are no Senior pictures available.

Hinton High School Building - 1897 - 1925

The data on this page is based on information contained in a three page document titled “Hinton High School Alumni 1897 to 1920” that was created in 1921.  At the time of its publishing, there were no complete records of graduating classes.

Those who have

preceded us in passing....

Class of 1916

(Click on each name to view their obituary.)

1.  Clair  Bigony

2.  Grattan Daugherty

3.  Helen (Dolin) Carr

4.  Earl Halloran

5.  Dwight Harris

6.  Lucy Henry

7.  Lena (Hurt) McGraw

8.  Nell (Hutchinson) Reed

9.  Ray James

10. Bernice (Lane) Barnsgrove

11. Nona (Litsinger) Kain

12. Orrin Madison

13. Evelyn (Rippetoe) Juergens

14. Judith (Shepherd) Moorefield Davis

15. William Thomasson

16. Douglas Tomkies

17. Nina Whanger

Take a couple of minutes to listen to the music, to reflect on each of our passed classmates, and remember the good times that we shared with each of them. Let us

not forget any of them, or the

fact that our name will be here some day.

R.I.P. our friends