What's New
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We recently updated the “Summers County Schools” slideshow. This 128 page slideshow has photos of some of our County’s primary and secondary schools.  Additionally, there are written accounts, with photos, of the January 1940 fire which destroyed the Central School building (previously the original HHS) and a written account, with multiple photos of the December 1952 fire that destroyed Hinton High School.

Updated slideshows with candid photos of our Summers County Citizens dating back to the late 1800s. Individual slideshows for Families (454 slides), Couples (434 slides), Groups (570 slides), and Individuals (988 slides).

Recently updated the Bobcat Hall of Fame page to include the 2022 Honorees.  Check out all of the updated lists and the new "Class of 2022 Inductee" buton.

Slideshow of our Summers County Men and Women who have served in the Military.

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