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What's New
Check out the updates below, additions, changes,  innovations. Just click on the image to follow the link.

Updated slideshows. The current total slides for each of the slideshows are: Downtown Hinton (393 slides), Avis-Bellepoint-Bypass (218 slides), Rural Areas (184 slides), and Scenic Splendor (222 slides).

Updated slideshows with candid photos of our Summers County Citizens dating back to the late 1800s. Individual slideshows for Families (481 slides), Couples (434 slides), Groups (614 slides), and Individuals (1,086 slides).

HHSMAD continues to give back to our beloved community. We authorized $9,931 in grants to Summers County projects through the Hinton Area Foundation. 

Updated the 320 page slideshow of our rich Railroad History.  Photos dating back to the late 1800s, including newspaper clippings of legendary "Billy" Richardson's fatal accident and the legend of John Henry

 If you find errors or wish to make suggestions or just comment, please send an email to   Jim Noel - 

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