Yearbooks were not published until 1920, there are no Senior pictures available.

Hinton High School Building - 1897 - 1925

The data on this page is based on information contained in a three page document titled “Hinton High School Alumni 1897 to 1920” that was created in 1921.  At the time of its publishing, there were no complete records of graduating classes.

Those who have

preceded us in passing....

Class of 1919

(Click on each name to view their obituary.)

1.  Marie (Alderson) Pack

2.  Clara Baber

3.  Leta Bear

4.  Allie (Bishop) Mann

5.  Gussie Bowling

6.  Fred Brown

7.  Arthur Bush

8.  Paul Calahan

9.  Gladys Cales

10. Evelyn (Clark) Bigony

11. Margaret Cutts

12. Reginald Dodd

13. Edward Glass

14. Orace Grimmett

15. Ferne Halloran

16. Plummer Harford

17. Mary K. Higginbotham

18. Merritt Hill

19. Alta Hinton

20. Theresa Huddleston

21. Hugh Jordan

22. Nancy Light

23. Edward Litsinger

24. Alma (Mastin) Coffman

25. Josie Meadows

26. Azby Milburn

27. Dorothy Miller

28. Margaret (Mitchell) Gwinn

29. Lena (Neeley) Denning

30. Daniel Nichols

Take a couple of minutes to listen to the music, to reflect on each of our passed classmates, and remember the good times that we shared with each of them. Let us

not forget any of them, or the

fact that our name will be here some day.

R.I.P. our friends

31. Oscie Nichols

32. William Pollock

33. Harold Price

34. Selma Richmond

35. Frances (Riddleberger) Hetsel

36. Clark Riffe

37. Lonene (Settle) Morrison

38. Ethel Seymour

39. Julian Whanger