Due to the paper shortage in World War II, there were no Senior pictures.

Please report any name omissions with graduating year to: jimnoel1925@hotmail.com


Those who have

preceded us in passing....

Class of 1944

(Click on each name to view their obituary.)


1.  Billy Joe Adams

2.  Colleen Gray (Akers) Ellison

3.  Robert H Bailey

4.  Lila Lee Barton

5.  Alton L. Bennett

6.  Joseph Clark Bigony

7.  Joyce Hilma (Breen) Musgrave

8.  Richard Burdette

9.  Sarah Jean (Burton) Harvey

10. Mary Ruth (Carden) McClary

11. Tom Nathan Clark

12. John H Cox Jr

13. Thelma Winifred (Crooke) Rabold

14. Zelma Irene Edwards

15. Carol Lee (Epperly) Craft

16. Imogene Farley

17. Irene (Farley) Dobbins

18. Milton G. Foster

19. Amma Jean (Frazier) Lilly

20. Beulah (Hank) Leslie

21. Sanford Hamer

22. Billy Joe Hannon

23. Nita Grace (Harper) Williams

24. George Harris

25. Ruth Fern Hatcher

26. Carlos J. "Brud" Honaker

27. Donald Henry "Tobe" Humphries

28. Robert "Bob" Jenkinson

29. Clark Jackson Jones

30. Bonnie Mae (Keaton) Lowe

31. Leona Ann (Konpitski) Stanton

32. Beatrice Louise (Lewis) Marion

33. Alma Ruth (Lyons) Ferguson McCray

34. Goldie Mae (Meador) Lilly

35. Elizabeth Josephine (Meadows) Kirts

36. Margaret Louise (Meadows) Davis


Take a couple of minutes to listen to the music, to reflect on each of our passed classmates, and remember the good times that we shared with each of them. Let us

not forget any of them, or the

fact that our name will be here some day.

R.I.P. our friends