Due to the paper shortage in World War II, there were no Senior pictures.

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Those who have

preceded us in passing....

Class of 1945

(Click on each name to view their obituary.)

1.  Colleen Gray (Akers) Lamb Ellison

2.  Romie Arretta (Albert) Epperly

3.  Ann (Bird) Lawless

4.  Doris (Bishop) Rodes

5.  Betty (Bivens) Raines

6.  Lahoma (Boland) Crotshin

7.  Myrtle Pauline (Bolen) Farley 

8.  Sarah (Burk) Smith

9.  Jewell (Campbell) Lilly

10. Roger Mason Deeds 

11. Margaret Ann Dressler 

12. Billy Joe Ellison

13. Charles Ellison 

14. Anna Marie (Epperly) Harvey

15. Hunter Green Farley 

16. Pauline (Farley) McKinney

17. Margaret Joyce (Ferrell) Farrell

18. Norvel Lee Foster 

19. Amanda (Fox) King

20. Mary Katherine (Fridley) VanSant

21. Jean (Gulley) Robinson

22. George R Harris 

23. Thomas "Tom" Hartley Sr 

24. Edward Harvey 

25. Mary Jane (Hinton) Moore

26. Mattie Jean (Honaker) Butts

27. Phyllis (Honaker) Needleman

28. Zulieka Hutchinson 

29. Dolly (Johnson) Richmond

30. Virginia (Johnson) Galanes

31. Norma June (Lane) Richards Allen

32. Tommy Lawrence 

33. James K Lester 

34. Dicie (Wills) Lewis 

35. Benny Ormand Lilly 

36. Betty Lou (Lilly) Whitlock

37. Burkey Lilly

Take a couple of minutes to listen to the music, to reflect on each of our passed classmates, and remember the good times that we shared with each of them. Let us

not forget any of them, or the

fact that our name will be here some day.

R.I.P. our friends