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HHS Classmates Who Have Recently Passed

Linda Gail Bolling Lilly - 64 Oval.png

Linda Gail Bolling Lilly
Class of 1964

Stephen Paul Scott - 66 Oval.png

Stephen Paul Scott
Class of 1966

Nancy Jane Bolling Shrader - 53 Oval.png

Nancy Jane Bolling Shrader
Class of 1953

Russell Ray Fitzwater - 56 Oval.png

Russell Ray Fitzwater
Class of 1956

Brenda Ratliff Adkins - 67 Oval.png

Brenda Gay Ratliff Adkins
Class of 1967

Patricia Gail Richmond Rothe - 65 Oval.png

Patricia Gail Richmond Rothe 
Class of 1965

Jack Ashley Jackie Holt - 67 Oval.png

Jack Ashley "Jackie" Holt
Class of 1967

April Alifair Ratliff Patrick - 70 Oval.png

April Alifair Ratliff Patrick
Class of 1970

Christine Meredith Stewart Waugh - 57.jpg.png

Christine Stewart Waugh
Class of 1957

Clifford Ray Mills - 76 Oval.png

Clifford Ray Mills
Class of 1976

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