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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What's this organization all about, and how old is it?
A. This organization was started by three guys in 2012, Jackie Holt, Cotty Farley, and Jimmy Noel, all from the HHS Class of 1967. We started this to "give back" to the community which nurtured us while growing up, and helped propel us into the real world. We spent a year meeting with Summers County business leaders, local governmental officials, church leaders, and Summers County residents. We asked "How can we make the most impact?" We gathered that input and decided to start with painting some of the school buildings. There are endless projects, and we'll never run out of ways to help.
Q. If I'm interested in joining the "Making A Difference" organization, how do I proceed?
A. Just e-mail us by clicking on the "Message Us" box at the bottom of any page. We'll respond promptly.
Q. How can I find pictures of the memories that are dear to me?
A. Each page has a specific theme, but on the home page there is a "Quick find" search box that you may type in any name and it will automatically search for that particular word.
Q. What's the small blue button on most of the pages, all about?
A. Msny of the pages have music buttons. Those pages music, automatically music starts when you open up the page. You can turn off the music by clicking the orange button on that page.
Q. What's the "Landmarks" page all about.
A. Landmarks has pics of Summers County buildings and scenery that shows our historical significance. Check them out!
Q. How can I donate?
A. Great question! Simply send a check to: Hinton Area Foundation - Making A Difference. P.O. Box 217, Hinton, WV 25951. We have two accounts. The "Pass Through" is the account we use instantly to fund our current projects.(short-term) The "Endowment" account is used to help us perpetuate the funding for this organization(long-term).
Q. May I contact you personally to discuss future projects or funding?
A. Yes! You may e-mail us a request by clicking on our "Message Us Please" box at the bottom of the Home page. We'll respond promptly. Also, you can call Jimmy Noel at 540-271-3840 to discuss your issues.
Q. Can I find information about the Summers County community, such as Fire  Dept., Police, Funeral Homes, Governmental Agencies, etc.?
A. Absolutely! Just click on our "Helpful Links" page and click on the link to you item of interest.
Q. How do I find out when the next project is scheduled?
A. Great question! Just click on the "Projects" page and click on the highest numbered project. Also, click to the other projects to view our accomplishments.
Q. How can I add information to your site?
A. Just e-mail us by clicking on the e-mail box on the Home Page, and let us know your intentions. We'll walk you through the process, and we now thank you in advance, for your input that makes us have a better organization.
Q. Do you have a facebook site?
A. Yes. Just click on this facebook link, or you can find us on FB at Classes of Hinton High School - "Making A Difference".

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