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Angie Adkins - 86.jpg
Timmy Blevins - 86.jpg
Kenneth Eugene Bragg - 86_edited.jpg
Jimmy A Burnett - 86.jpg
Darrell Cales - 86.jpg
Bill McLean - 86.jpg
Carolee Reliford - 86.jpg
Mary Virginia Ginny Tinsley Hicks - 86.jpg
Robyn Waggoner 86.jpg
Terry Ward - 86.jpg
Ricky Wills - 86.jpg

Please report any name omissions with graduating year to:


Those who have

preceded us in passing....

Class of 1986

(Click on each name to view their obituary.)


1.  Angela Rose (Adkins) Ott

2.  Timmy Blevins

3.  Kenneth Eugene "Gene" Bragg

4.  Jimmy Burnett

5.  Darrell Cales

6.  William Roland "Bill" McLean

7.  Carolee Reliford

8.  Mary Virginia "Ginny" (Tinsley) Hicks

9.  Robyn Waggoner

10. Terry Ward

11. Ricky Wills


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