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Regina Gwinn Eckle and Jack(ie) Holt proudly sport our first donation to the MAD fund.

To Donate

Read instructions below then click on this HAF logo. 

There are four different ways you can make donations to the Classes of Hinton High School Making A Difference (MAD) Fund.  HHSMAD is a 501(c) (3) tax deductible organization.

  1. Donate online via the Hinton Area Foundation (HAF) web site:

a. Click on the HAF logo above or go to;

b. Select the “Donate Now” button on the left side of the page;

c. Type “Making A Difference” or “MAD” in the “Donor’s Fund Choice” block;

d. Select “Donation Amount” or enter custom amount in the “Other” block;

e. Select “Donation Frequency”, one time, annual, semi-annual, etc.;

f. Fill in “Contact Information” blocks;

g. Fill in your Credit Card information;

h. Complete the remainder of the form, verify entries, then select the “Donate Now” button.

2. Mail check payable to “Hinton Area Foundation” with “Making A Difference” in the memo 

    field to:  P.O. Box 217 Hinton, WV 25951.

3. Phone Hinton Area Foundation at 304-309-5502.

4. Hand deliver your donation to Hinton Area Foundation at: 104 James Street Hinton, WV 25951.

Thank you for your donation. With your help, we can do this!

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