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Friends, neighbors, and classmates all came together to help us complete our first project, during the last week of 2012. Since that time, we have completed thirty projects!

Their physical and financial help has been overwhelming.

We thank each and every individual for their continued support.

We look forward to each and every one of you helping us to give your needed efforts to our beloved Summers County.

Giving back is very special.

Contact us and let us know about your special skills and how together we can help in our community.

Click on the different Projects Pages to view our progress.

We are proud to contribute annually to community projects. MAD only contributes to organizations that are asking for help for the good of the community, and the monies will not be involved politically in any way. All grant applications are distributed and approved by the Hinton Area Foundation. The Classes of Hinton High School has input on these decisions. We love our community! Help it continue to grow in a positive direction. 

Click this link to see some responses to our SCHS painting project!

Just click on each of our projects pages to check out the response and results.

New Projects to be announced shortly! Stay tuned...

Projects we have completed through the generous contributions of volunteers and financial donors.




7 - Repaint Bellepoint Steet Signs - Postponed
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