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"Salute of the Month"

Albert Bray Cary, Jr.

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Bray - We salute you!

Bray Cary Collage 6-8-2023.jpg


Click on the Hinton Area Foundation logo to view instructions on four different ways to donate to the Classes of Hinton High School Making A Difference (MAD) Fund.

Our organization is dedicated to "giving back" to Summers County, WV. We wish to pay it forward in all our efforts to make Summers County a better place to visit, work, and live. Please help us make this happen in our endeavors to give back. We need your help in volunteering and/or donating to our cause. Each project that we encounter has a financial requirement that can only be met with donations. 

Our organization is non-profit, and tax deductions are available. (Consult with your tax accountant for details.)

Let us know your ideas to help this county remain the great community that you remember.

Email us and share your ideas. Just click on the button below.

Join us on Facebook! In the FB search box just type: Classes of Hinton High School - "Making A Difference".

Let us know how you like our website.

Winter in Hinton
Photo Courtesy of Robbie Skinner - November 26, 2022

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